Affiliation and Inclusive Societies

The human being, as philosophers define is a social animal. He cannot live in solitary. He always needs someone to share his thoughts and feelings. This social feature and its effect cannot be ignored when it comes to the process of human development since his first hunt until this point we have come to achieve our civilized communities. When I was a kid, I had so much trouble trying to blend in with my peers’ school, my reasons aren’t worth mentioning. We simply couldn’t find anything in common between us. And only when I joined boys scouts was where I found my people, whom I shared a lot in common with, and that was when my need of belonging to a group of people made sense and so I started the process of joint construction and be as Dunkishute once said: “all for one and one for all”.

With all the experiences I had trying to find where I belong. It was concerning me, it wasn’t easy at all, especially with the dramatic change of events in Feb 2011. Hard times of social and economic crisis kept coming when the democratic change stumbled which led to the destruction of minor fundamental societies and straight-up affected on the bigger society. Unfortunately, that made space for new societies that implement Dunkeshot’s saying literally, using those weak-hearted to do their work for them to end up a victim of the absence of these society suffering from “not belonging” to neither societies. Terrorists and armed groups and how they attract those young clueless minds with money and power are living proof of that.

In the past years, since Hexa Connection was established, we have always been trying to focus on building the society, so that technology can be our way to a better society. In our first year, our focus has been on bringing our peers who share our passion together. To build our common base from which we can share knowledge and experience, of which we contribute to the development of ourselves and get the bigger hunt like our ancestors did once. Hexa sessions or what we liked to call them Hexa Hangout, for it to be their space to participate without hesitation, to get to know their peers and share their hobbies, a regular session on various axes, benefit from those with bigger and better experiences in the field, a place where they could ask questions and inquiries in total comfort.

Hexa Hangout, has more than a dozen sessions, from the east to the west. Hexa Hangout has been the organization’s basic project. Supporting those who are interested, contributing to building their skills and network of people, so we see them making friends, partners from these sessions and keep in constant contact with them seeking new knowledge.

And that is something we are proud to have established; it was also a key focus in building the skills of team members. This project is like the easy and abstinent question to answer. Despite how simple it is to be accomplished, it still needs good communication and management skills, so thanks to everyone who helped to organize and to manage these sessions for the past years. Because if not for them it wouldn’t have been accomplished. Thanks to our volunteer speakers and supporters of individuals and corporations sessions.

Hexa Hangout is not exclusive to Hexa Connection, you can always contact us to work together and hold these sessions wherever members of our community are.

This blog was part of a series of blogs, I am trying to express the main milestones of our work at Hexa Connection, on the occasion of its sixth anniversary.
Hexa Connection – Technology for a Better Society.
Once, forever.

This blog is translated, to view the original in Arabic click here.

الكاتب: Amjad Badr

Social Innovation & ICT4D Specialist, Scout Leader who blogs and loves travelling. ∉ For faster communication

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