Partnership, Funding and Sustainability

Usually, in blogging, I experience different approaches. Because sometimes I go with writing something and then come up with a proper headline, but other times I come up with a headline first then let it inspire me to write good content. In this case, picking a headline is a bit challenging, because a while after I brought one to life, I paused for a second in an attempt to find my way into this mess of words.

Hexa connection is like every other non-profit organization. It came as a result of the democratic change in Libya after the revolution. Several individuals directed their attention to the civil society with new prospects and more open-minded ideas to eventually find out that providing funding is a barrier, sustainability is criterion, and partnership is a necessity in a country that suffers from setting priorities and sufficient planning crisis, classified by its annual income in places it has nothing to do with, and so the funding is strict and directed to which way the funding country and these classifications see fit.

When originating the idea of Hexa Connection and its belief in change, we realize that technology is the tactic. It consists of economy and education, so it is based on two solid pillars of an economical and knowledgable program, and entrepreneurship, and educational innovative program. So how are these types of projects expected to be funded when the list is topped with supporting the democratic change, women’s rights, peacebuilding, and immigration.

Truth be told I couldn’t find less glamorous words to describe how it was. We have tried this whole time to resist all the temptations and decided to focus on our goals and not drift away to be like those who are in search for funding for the fund itself, and that made us become what I constantly repeat: an organization driven by its vision, not the donors’ priorities. Which was challenging, by all means, knowing that it cost us long hours of study and research, meetings and gatherings to convince the donors with our idea of change, and make them believe in our priorities, what we see fit, and the future.

But as usual, how are you to ask people to have a croissant for breakfast when they can’t even afford bread?! Technology here is considered to be a luxury knowing that our community lacks the infrastructure for communications, not even electricity!


Despite being rejected and underestimated our first four years working on Hexa, I am very thrilled today when I see the international donors implementing our projects that we once proposed to them, out of their latest belief in technology being the solution. The situation in Libya is basically the lack of economic knowledge and we need to work together to cut the problem from its roots, not just the deceased branches.

And with all the rejection we had nothing in our power except to turn to our friends who believed in the idea from the start, asking for help each according to their abilities, so the private sector is the main source of power to guarantee the continuation and sustainability of Hexa Connection along with governmental telecommunications companies _exclusively Libyana. It is worth mentioning that the sustainability of Hexa not only comes from international or local funding but as well as the services our team members provide to the public like software development and consulting to cover the various expenses of the organization.

Various strategies, local and international companies we built on trust and crowned with achievement and professionalism, so that the name of the organization alone is a key to all the members, it put them under the spotlight wherever they are, thanks to Khalifa alSharef, for the added value he brought to the organization as a business developer and program manager, so that together we can make this amount of achievements so the question to How to maintain sustainability? Or other matters that may be assigned in a sole post later.

This blog was part of a series of blogs, I am trying to express the main milestones of our work at Hexa Connection, on the occasion of its sixth anniversary.
Hexa Connection – Technology for a Better Society.
Once, forever.

This blog is translated, to view the original in Arabic click here.

الكاتب: Amjad Badr

Social Innovation & ICT4D Specialist, Scout Leader who blogs and loves travelling. ∉ For faster communication

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