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As a graduate of Al Jamahiriya schools, I always contemplated the saying painted on the walls of our schools “knowledge is a natural right for everyone” but unfortunately not everyone can access to knowledge in our school. I had an accident back in high school that put me in a wheelchair and so I because it wasn’t equipped for those in my condition.

People with disabilities are not a minority in my country, but represent a significant proportion of the population, including handicapped and hard of hearing or blind, far from the mental capacity, a proportion of which a large part of them could not continue their education because of lack of architecture and equipped buildings. Although some are doing what they can to provide those, education.

In Hexa Connection, the right to access was one of the most important values of the organization. Access for all, all segments of society. Young people, women as well as, people with special needs, trying to open new horizons for them so they can contribute to their independence and be part of the change, entrepreneurship and skills the market needs in our present time. Projects they can remotely carry out, and so comes Wosoul.

Wosoul project is one of the first national projects implemented in Benghazi, Sabha, Misrata and Tripoli by Hexa Connection. Targeting over a hundred people of special needs, with intense training on entrepreneurship, project management, building business models, about marketing, blogging and Social media websites, training sessions that involved dialogue sessions with relevant parties and activists in the field regarding people with special needs, trying to reach a common base and build bridges to overcome the gap separating between the law, the market and people with special needs.

A promising project, its results of which were many projects and initiatives led by the participants in their local communities, raising their voices loudly demanding their rights and supporting them with their efficiencies and abilities. Thanks to the project officials in turns, Hamed Al-Huni and Mohammed Al-Nattah for their efforts to accomplish it, and to all project coordinators in the four regions.

Achievement is a right for everyone, whatever their circumstance, gender, health, race or religion and affiliation. So if you find yourself interested in the idea and want it to be implemented in your local community, you could contact us, because simply knowledge is everyone’s right.

This blog was part of a series of blogs, I am trying to express the main milestones of our work at Hexa Connection, on the occasion of its sixth anniversary.
Hexa Connection – Technology for a Better Society.
Once, forever.

This blog is translated, to view the original in Arabic click here.

الكاتب: Amjad Badr

Social Innovation & ICT4D Specialist, Scout Leader who blogs and loves travelling. ∉ For faster communication

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