The return of lost confidence.

In our decade, people of my region and other regions are suffering from many social crises that have a political, economic and historical sense. Especially after the democratic change of events after the so-called Arab Spring of 2011. These revolutions carried high hopes and aspirations starting with the freedom to social justice and a prosperous economy. The youth were and are still the fuel to these revolutions and their main engine towards nothing but a better present and future.

The number of setbacks has led to the cultivation of totalitarian govern – which succeeded – and contributed in complicating the economic scene to put limits to the aspirations of the young on both broad and narrow social scale. Because it can’t be a political movement when free speech is restricted and the economy is stolen, and sadly makes the young feel unaffiliated and that reinforces the desire to migrate and seek refuge, an environment that feels like home to restore self-confidence to carry on and achieve what they aspire.

The Hackathon

As a technology enthusiast, competitions have always caught my attention. On top is what we call Hackathon, a combination of two words: Hack and Marathon. It’s about finding a solution. It’s where programmers, designers, entrepreneurs and experts join us to come up with an effective technologic solution _within a short period of time_ to the announced challenge.

Throughout the past six years of Hexa Connection, the young and the young have been our focus. Building up their abilities and knowledge technology-wise, and supporting them to form their own society of knowledge so they restore their faith in the fact that they can make anything they dream of come true, restore their faith in themselves thank has been ripped from them. So Hackathon has come to be what we seek.

Dozens of participants. 72 hours maximum. Complicated challenges. And the goal is to put technology in good use to serve humanity

In both Hexa Connection rounds, we achieved two of our goals. The challenge was of the participants compete and impress everyone with the convenience of ideas and professionalism of implementation them. And they had their share of awards. And we were rewarded with what we wanted. Creating the environment that everyone hopes for, providing space to think, express and share opinions, defend and accomplish. Accomplishing for their own sake, then for those around them. Live their accomplishments, even at the narrowest range, to fuel their belief in their abilities, themselves, and that they can accomplish what they aspire to, even at higher levels, to have the opportunity of participating as a head start towards discovering new levels within themselves.

Apart from the constructive and sweet talk, my experience in implementing the first Hackathon edition in Tripoli and the second one in Benghazi in 2018, was one of the most important projects that I led in Hexa Connection, and I became more and more proud of what we have come to achieve so far. Getting news from the participants and what they achieved since Hackathon. So thanks to all of our partners who contributed to making this become reality. The project officials in Tripoli and Benghazi, Mohamed Nattah and Wissam Salem, volunteers and Hexa Connection members.

For those interested in organizing similar events, in their home towns or seeking innovative solutions technology-wise in our daily life problems, please do not hesitate to contact me for advice guidance, and yes together to put technology in good use for a better society.

This blog was part of a series of blogs, I am trying to express the main milestones of our work at Hexa Connection, on the occasion of its sixth anniversary.
Hexa Connection – Technology for a Better Society.
Once, forever.

This blog is translated, to view the original in Arabic click here.

الكاتب: Amjad Badr

Social Innovation & ICT4D Specialist, Scout Leader who blogs and loves travelling. ∉ For faster communication

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