Partnership, Funding and Sustainability

Usually, in blogging, I experience different approaches. Because sometimes I go with writing something and then come up with a proper headline, but other times I come up with a headline first then let it inspire me to write good content. In this case, picking a headline is a bit challenging, because a while after I brought one to life, I paused for a second in an attempt to find my way into this mess of words. read more

Reaching everyone

As a graduate of Al Jamahiriya schools, I always contemplated the saying painted on the walls of our schools “knowledge is a natural right for everyone” but unfortunately not everyone can access to knowledge in our school. I had an accident back in high school that put me in a wheelchair and so I because it wasn’t equipped for those in my condition. read more

Affiliation and Inclusive Societies

The human being, as philosophers define is a social animal. He cannot live in solitary. He always needs someone to share his thoughts and feelings. This social feature and its effect cannot be ignored when it comes to the process of human development since his first hunt until this point we have come to achieve our civilized communities. read more

The return of lost confidence.

In our decade, people of my region and other regions are suffering from many social crises that have a political, economic and historical sense. Especially after the democratic change of events after the so-called Arab Spring of 2011. These revolutions carried high hopes and aspirations starting with the freedom to social justice and a prosperous economy. The youth were and are still the fuel to these revolutions and their main engine towards nothing but a better present and future. read more

Six years, already! Wow!

Like any other usual morning and while I was surfing the internet for news from around our mother planet of earth I stopped at a friend’s and coworker’s blog about his journey since we started little and grew up to get to where we are today, his journey with what was once a mere thought a dream, what we called then -and today- Hexa Connection. It is more than a network of people. read more